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Opening Doors for Children & Families

Tis' The Season

You know that glorious feeling when you're lying in bed and you are juuuust about asleep? You feel weightless, your mind is shut off and eyes closed, about to drift off into dream land. Well that's exactly where I was the other night when my cell phone rang. First of all no one calls my cell phone past 8:00pm. It startled me! I have ailing grandparents and my mind always jumps to them when I am not expecting a call at an odd hour. I glance at my phone and it is my brother calling. Now I really am fearing the worst!

So I answer the phone with a quiver in my voice "Hello?"

Of course my brother is on the other end, "Hey, do some of the families you work with not have enough money to buy Christmas presents?"

I respond "Um yes, most can't afford to buy food for Christmas dinner let alone presents."



"Okay, so they will have NO presents under the tree?"

"That's correct."

"Wow," my brother responded "So how many families do you guys work with in a year?"


"Oh wow, that's a lot."

"Yep." There was a pause, because I really can't function when I am tired.

Then my brother says, "Huh, it's just funny how we spend so much time and money buying gifts and we are so busy sometimes we forget to think about the people and children who won't have gifts." And then his voice got very somber and he says "In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, sometimes we forget about those less fortunate." Another pause - that doesn't sound like my brother so I'm not sure what to say. Then his voice returns to normal and he says "You can use that quote in your blog and if you quote me I might read it. Talk to you later."And click, he hangs up.

I don't want this conversation to alarm anyone, this is what would be considered a normal conversation with my brother. Our telephone conversations go one of two ways: a short conversation that leaves me a bit baffled about the end result, or a long conversation that leaves me baffled about the end result. For example the last conversation before this one was simply "Hey have you heard of Garfunkel and Oats?" Me - "Yes." Him - "They are funny hey? Talk to you later!" Me - "Bye." Click.

My brother is a very generous person. Him and his wife, along with his company Intricate Group Inc., have been very supportive to ABC Head Start. They are always quick with a donation and I never have to ask them twice if they want to be involved in any type of fundraising for ABC Head Start.

But it got me thinking about what my brother said and his "quote." I admit it, I get a little stressed around the holidays. I worry that I am not going to buy the right thing for all of the people in my life. What if just one of the many presents we give in our family is a gift to a charity? What if we start making this a family tradition that each person gets to choose a charity to give to? Even if it was $10, $20 or $50, would we really miss one gift under the tree? The sad truth is probably not - but that small gift would make a huge impact. If it isn't already your family tradition why not start one?

To donate to ABC Head Start visit our website and click the Donate Now button at the bottom of the page. You can also donate to other fine Canadian Charities through the Canada Helps website. There, you can search for your favourite charity or browse lists based on causes you like to support.

ABC Head Start Society is a registered charity which has been committed to promoting and supporting strong children, families, and communities in Edmonton for over 30 years. We know that by giving children the best possible early learning and development opportunities in life, we ensure the future well-being and prosperity of our families and communities.